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Why are they called the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Blue Ridge Mountains
Eastern range of the Appalachian Mountain System, extending from southeastern Pennsylvania to Northern Georgia. In North Carolina, the Blue Ridge forms the Eastern section of a mountain chain over 75 miles wide. Other parts of this chain include the Black Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains. The name comes from the blue tone of the forested slopes when seen at a distance.

Appalachian Mountains
Chief mountain system of Eastern North America, and oldest U.S. mountians. They stretch from Quebec to central Alabama, forming a divide between the rivers that flow into the Atlantic and those that flow into the Mexican Gulf.



Legend has it that Brevard, North Carolina's White Squirrels arrived here over 50 years ago via a circus truck. Now this story is so strange it almost has to be true.  So here it goes...

It all started with Mrs. W.E. (Barbara) Mull, a long time resident of Brevard, North Carolina. Her brother-in-law, H.H. Mull, was given two white squirrels by a Mr. Black of Madison, Florida way back in 1949. The pair of white squirrels had been squirreling around in Mr. Black's pecan grove ever since a circus truck had overturned near his home. H.H. Mull then gave the little white critters to his niece Barbara Mull up in North Carolina. She kept them inside and hoped they might even breed, but alas, no such luck. Later, Barbara married and moved away; one of the little squirrels escaped, so later the other was released.   A short time later, little white squirrels began appearing in various parts of town - apparent direct or indirect off-springs of this "Adam and Eve" pair.


Brevard, NC...

2010...voted one of the coolest small towns in America

by:  Budget Travel


Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Parkway Viaduct, Brevard College, Connestee Falls Clubhouse, Brevard Music Center night lights

Brevard, Transylvania County, North Carolina

 Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brevard, North Carolina, is a small college town with strong emphasis on music and forestry, surrounded by state and national forests.  Hiking, fishing, camping, and all outdoor activities are readily available.  Surrounding the little town is a variety of community life styles, with a broad range of prices to choose  from small log cabins to luxury mountain estates.

          Connestee Falls                  

 Some local waterfalls, pictured above, left to right,are Looking Glass Falls, Connestee Falls, and Hooker Falls.  Brevard is know as the "land of waterfalls"--where over 250 waterfalls and many streams have taken centuries to patiently carve the very faces of these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Brevard.   Where the world-renowned Brevard Music Center has called home for over 72 years, and has coexisted with local bluegrass jams on the courthouse square on Tuesday nights during summer when Main Street is closed and music and dancing fills the street .  Where a pair of white squirrels, on the lam from a traveling carnival in the 1950s, started a family that now spans generations. 

Connestee Falls Subdivision



Located approximately 7 miles South of Brevard on Greenville Highway 276 is the 4000 acre gated community of Connestee Falls--situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are over 1300 homes, 4 lakes, an 18-hole championship golf course, 11 miles of hiking trails, a wellness center, 5 tennis courts, and a large heated pool, with over 60 club activities for members to enjoy. 

Home prices range from the low $100,000's up to $2 million.  A number of attractive building sites are still available.  Connestee Falls is a little residential community that lives like a country village.  Connestee Falls' moto is "Play where you live"! 


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